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Occasion Hats

Hats are extremely popular for ladies who require a classy, and sophisticated head piece.

The level of detail that is currently being put into Hats is astounding, and we believe we have brought you some of the finest examples.

We have Hats in all colours, and across all price points, so you truly have best choice around.

Choosing the right hat. Hats for your face shape.

Oblong face: For faces that are long and narrow, choose a wide brimmed hat, and flat crown. It will balance you out.

Square Face: Because of your defined features and look, choose a hat with softer lines. Upturned brims always work well.

Heart Shaped Face: Rounded cheeks, and distinct jawline define your look, so complement this with a head piece that can be tilted, such as a fascinator.

Round Face: Opt for a hat with a high crown, and small brim. This will have the effect of slimming the face down.

Oval Face: You are extremely lucky and can wear pretty much any head piece. So make the most of it, buy more hats!!

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